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Programmer with the same characteristics as the KT2000 - differs in the Italian sockets 

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Programmer (or photoperiod) with the same characteristics as the KT2000 - differs in the italian sockets

- Display selectable in 5 languages (Italian / English / French / Spanish / German)

- Easy to program digital clock with power reserve

- Built-in photocell for environmental adjustments on request with cable

- Separate "Sunrise-Sunset" programming

- Increase-Decrease "Sunrise" and "Sunset" from 1 to 20 min per day

- End of Increment-Decrement at the breeder's discretion

- Moon effect percentage of Watts of your choice

- Night inspection

- Incandescent or halogen lamp socket

- Neon or low consumption lamp socket

- Free or programmable supplementary socket for Ozonator, fan, radio, etc.

The experience of the company formed over years of activity has allowed us to produce this top photoperiod model of the Fran-Pet range, ideal for promoting combinations in ornithology, pig breeding, poultry farming and all breeding in general.

Digital clock: The KT2000 is a programmer with a digital clock of simple programming, with menu selectable in five languages (IT / GB / FR / ES / D).

Equipped with a one-year power reserve to power all the functions registered in the event of a power failure;

Daily sunrise and sunset can be modified and programmed separately with switching on and off from 0 to 90 minutes;

Sunrise and Sunset increase: possibility of anticipating or delaying from 1 to 20 min per day;

End of Increase: at the complete need of the user, it allows the hour at which the increase or decrease of the day is to be ended;

Night light adjustment from 0 to 40% of incandescent lights; The switch for the night inspection allows, by switching on, a short "Sunrise" of 60 seconds and to avoid light strokes.

Photoperiod: "Sunrise" and "Sunset" increase and end of increase at the user's complete discretion (extension or reduction of the day which allows you to vary the desired daily minutes).

Built-in photocell for environmental regulation, on request also with cable.

Additional socket with timer programming option for fan, radio, ozonator, etc.


- Power supply 220-230 Volt d.c.

- Frequency 50 Hz

- Programmer consumption 2,5 Watt

- Incandescent or halogen lamp socket Max 700 Watt

- Neon or low consumption lamp socket Max 700 Watt

- Fuse rating 6.3 Ampere

- Free or programmable additional aux socket for ozonator, fan, radio, etc ... with a maximum capacity of 700W

- Outlet max 700W

- Dimensions (WxHxD) 21x20x6 cm

- Dimensions 20x16x6

- Weight 900 gr.

Warranty 24 months unless tampered with