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- Air purification
-Reduction of unpleasant odours and reduction of bacteria present in the environment
- Significant increase in oxygeb in the environment



- Power Supply 220 – 230 Volt d.c.
- Gas concentration max 0,05 p.p.m. by volume
- Consumption 2 Watt/h
- Dimensions 21,30x12x8
- Weight kg. 1,250


Ozone is a natural gas that we normally breathe and is essential for life on Earth. The word Ozone derives from the Greek "ozein", which means "smell", due to its characteristic smell. Ozone is the tool that nature uses to clean our atmosphere from pollution.

The ozonator is an indispensable device in farms for the purification and sterilization of the environment from: germs, bacteria, insects and bad odours, also avoiding the spread of epidemic diseases. It can also be used in environments such as kitchens to remove, for example, the smell of fried food or smoke.


Use times: for an environment of about 3.00x2.00 / H 2.50-3.00 m by means of a plug timer 15 minutes every hour exclusively during the hours when the animals are moving for a maximum of 8 daily starts .

For rooms with larger dimensions, up to 30 m2 / 2: increase the ignitions up to a maximum of 12 daily ignitions (e.g. 7.00 / 7.15 - 8.00 / 8.15 - 9.00 / 9.15 ..).

The movement of the animals allows the ozone to distribute itself in the environment that would otherwise fall to the unused soil.


Warranty 24 months unless tampered with

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