warm room arrow 12 V warm room for baby birds cc03 (horizontal)

12 V warm room for baby birds cc03 (horizontal)

Camera Climatica per nidacei 12 Volt (orizzontale) - videoistruzioni

12 V warm room for baby birds cc03 (horizontal)
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A warm room designed for breed of birds at stick and travels with baby birds.
It's made of 1,5 cm double-lay insulated aluminium and is extremely easy to set through its digital display (maximum temperature + 38° C).
Equipped with a silent 12 V fan.
The front sliding door closing the camera is made of anti-clash plexiglass and is smoke brown to guarantee baby birds a calm rest.
A light and practical tool which can be connected to the 12 V car lighter by its socket with fuse + led warning light for check test.
Chance of connection to 220 – 240 V electricity by the cable with energy transformer (supplied on demand).
To enable the uniform heat distribution inside the climatic room, is always in operation a small fan.

Accessories into the room are a pure demonstration.


Technical data: 

- 12 V by the tool equippping the machine
- 220-240 V d.c. 50 Hz electricity by transformer (on demand)
Stand-by consumption: 2 W (both of the models)
Heating resistance: 12 V – 80 W
Maximum temperature: +38° C
Tolerance temperature: 1° C
Dimensions:  (L x P x H) 41 x 32 x 22