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Climate Chamber for nesting 12 Volt (horizontal) - video instructions 

warm room cc03
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Climatic chamber for nestlings 12 volts

It is built in 15mm forex.

Extremely simple in the setting, it has a digital display that allows the selection of the desired temperature (max 38 ° C).

Equipped with a very quiet 12 Volt fan, which allows seeds to germinate.

The upper sliding panel that closes the chamber is in shockproof plexiglass.

Light and practical, it can be connected to the vehicle's 12 Volt cigarette lighter socket by means of a cable with jeck and luminous LED which indicates that it is working properly.

Possibility to connect the hot chamber to 220 / 240Volt current through the cable with included switching power supply.

To allow uniform heat distribution, a small fan is always running inside the climatic chamber.

Warranty 24 months unless tampered with.

The internal accessories are only an example.

Technical Data

- Supply:

. 12 Volt via cable with car jeck supplied

. 220 - 240 Volt d.c. 50 Hz via transformer (not included)

- Stand-by consumption: 2 Watt

- Heating resistance: 12 Volt / 50 Watt

- Max temperature: 38 ° C

- Temp. Tolerance: approx. 1 ° C

- Heated body dimensions: 30Hx27Px35L


transformer 220/240 Volt                                                                 car jack cable (incluso)