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- Mechanical watch with power reserve

- Regulation Sunrise Sunset

- Ambient light intensity control

- Manual night inspection

- Incandescent lamp socket

- Low consumption or neon lamp socket

- Brightness sensor

- Memory with power reserve

The Luce Lux 1 and Lux 2 programmers are specifically designed to anticipate or delay mating on farms by varying the lighting of an environment.

The start of sunrise and sunset, manually adjustable by the breeder within 24 hours, can be obtained simply by setting the desired time in the programmer to send the lamp to gradually turn on, adjustable from a few seconds to a maximum of 60 minutes.

The Luce Lux 2 programmers are equipped with a cable with photocell to turn off the lamp when there is sufficient sunlight to illuminate the environment; the sensitivity of the photocell can be adjusted as desired in relation to the external lighting and intervenes whenever the need arises (for example, sudden darkening of the sky).

The Luce Lux 1 and Lux 2 programmers are fully automatic and equipped with a mechanical clock with power reserve in the event of a power failure.

They also allow you to inspect your farm during the night, producing a manual sunrise of approx. 1 minute and Sunset already set previously, naturally without interfering with the automatic cycle.

The Lux 2 Programmer differs from the Lux 1 model for the advantage of using neon or low consumption lamps (in addition to the incandescent or halogen lamp), making it particularly suitable for farms that require constant artificial light as it allows high energy savings.

All our appliances are built with microprocessors, bearing the CE mark and reflect all current regulations.


- Power supply: 220-230 Volt d.c.

- Frequency: 50 Hz

- Programmer consumption: 1.7 watts

- Incandescent or halogen lamp socket: Max 750 Watt

- Neon socket or low consumption: Max 750 Watt

- Fuse rating: 6.3 A

- Dimensions (WxHxD) 23x16x7 cm

Warranty 24 months unless tampered with