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Warm Room CC01

Warm Room CC01
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warm room for the transport of eggs or brood birds breeding

Mini warm room, proper to carry brood birds or eggs (few-hours journeys because this is not an incubator).
It can be connected to a 12 V electricty supplier, for example car and buses, or in a house to a 220 V plug.

Made of Forex, strong and light material, it's 1 cm thick.

A little and silent 12 V fan is always on to spread uniformly the heat.

Control unit with probe already tested on warm rooms models CC02/03/09

Technical data:
Supply: 12 V (by jack car with light fuse included)
            d.c. 220 – 240 V 50 Hz (by Switching supplier mod.2510, on demand)
Stand-by consumption: 2 W
Heating cable: 20 W – 12 V
Max. Temp. : 37° C
Temperature tolerance: about 1° C
Dimensions of heated body: 22 (H) x 22 (D) x 22 (L) (excluded exterior electronic is 9 cm )
Dimensions of the inner nest edge:  Ø 18



Switching supplier mod.2510 (on demand)

car cable jack (included)