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heated drinker

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heated drinker
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Heated drinker with internal resistance incorporated in the basic body of the drinker.

It is supplied in a kit of 6 drinks with a capacity of 150cc // 250cc + control unit with internal low voltage safety power supply. The control unit is equipped with an input for connection to the 220 Volt mains voltage and 6 outputs (to which connect the related 6 pre-heated drinks) 6V / 5W each Safety voltage.

The control unit works at the room or outside temperature of + 2 ° C / -18 ° C

The drinkers include the cable to connect them to the control unit.

The heated drinker has been tested for use down to -20 ° C.

The material with which the base with the heating element was made is specifically designed for this function and differs in quality and robustness compared to the normal drinker.

Technical data:

control unit input:  220/240 Volt d.c. - 50 Hz
control unit output 6V-5W/cavo 
fuse rating: n.2 da 500mA - n.1 da 10A
dimensions in cm (LxHxP) 16x8x12
cable lenght: 2 of 2 meters
                       2 from mt.1,40
                       2 of mt.0,40
                       + 18 cm drinkable base calde
weight kg 1,060