I am Bassoli Tiziano, my RNA is 617B and I have been a breeder since I was a boy.

The first experiences were the Streptopelia Turtur, which I still breed. Other varieties that I am passionate about and I breed are Carduelis-Notata, Atrata, Xanthogastra, Serinus Flaviventris, Alario, Alario Damara.

Convinced that participation in exhibitions represents a crucial meeting point for gathering news and experiences as well as a fundamental incentive to improve breeding, I have achieved numerous and excellent successes with regional, national and international exhibitions.

I advise new and willing breeders to spend a lot of time observing their specimens as well as taking care of them, trying not to have a number of subjects to look after whose time is not well delayed for everyone.

I remain available to give and gather experiences in this passion that unites us and which I have made a job of.


Tiziano B.