I am Tiziano Bassoli, RNA number 617 B, and I have been breeding birds since I was a child.
My first breeded birds were Streptopelia Turtur, which I still breed, together with other species of birds, like Carduelis-Notata, Atrata, Xanthogastra, Serinus Flaviventris, Alario, Alario Damara.
I believe that taking part in exhibitions is a very important way to gather information and experiences, besides being an essential spur to improve breedings. This conviction led me to win a lot of important prizes and awards in regional, national and international exhibitions.
I suggest you, new and willing bird breeders, to observe your own animals very much, besides taking care of them, so to distribute correctly the necessary care-time for each one of them.
I am at your disposal to give you suggestions and to gather experiences about our mutual passion, which became my job.
Yours sincerely
Mr. Tiziano Bassoli